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Blackhead Shrink Whitening Face Mask

Penetration is very strong, absorbs pore blackheads and dirt, convergence pores, effectively improve the rough skin quality, regulating oil secretion, maintain the damaged skin.
Cool and refreshing and comfortable, helps to reduce acne and prevent acne, make the skin more luster
Fit for people:
Due in part because skin caused by acne, acne
Oily skin strawberry nose
Nose large pores blackheads
Long-term use of the computer, watching television

Step 1: Before use, you can use a hot towel to apply the nose, and acne blackheads easily derived. 

Step 2: Apply aloe vera gel right amount the need to remove black head, or white head, then immediately to form a paper tightly,

Step 3: Wait 20 minutes paper completely dry off ,the paper after becoming the hard (tear from the side, don't tear up and down), such as black, white head, can use once a week is enough for two consecutive times, the effect is more noticeable.

Step 4: Nose of residual paste with warm water to wash, with paper stationery can substitute for about 40pcs, Finally reoccupy cold water to wash the face ,it can shrink pores.

Warning :
When black off there will be a pain to pull out after will feel itchy nose, don't worry, this is not allergic, is caused by pores in the wind, the second day will be okay, please note!

Low temperature automatically set, after receiving the goods will be frozen or partially frozen state, with around 40 degrees of hot water before use to tighten the bottle, shake well use can wait a few minutes.

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